NUNES/FLOCK Creation Program'22 - July 10 | 17


One-week workshop concentrating on the creative process, diving into pushing the boundaries of fusing classical ballet and contemporary dance. A new creation will emerge, serving as a path for dancers to discover their capabilities, focusing on rhythm, partnering, and group work. An opportunity to be part of a new creation with Juliano Nunes culminating in an informal presentation on Orsolina28's Open Air Stage at the end of the workshop.


Led by FLOCK dancer/choreographer duo Alice Klock and Florian Lochner, these workshops will focus on trust, communication, and the possibilities unlocked through equal partnership. FLOCK uses their unique approach to non-binary partnering to guide each dancer into new ways of understanding contact and their own physicality within the context of connection. With FLOCK each participating artist is not asked to fit into a mold, but rather to fully express and explore their personal artistry and craft.

    FEBRUARY 2nd - 12:00 am UTC+1 / Application deadline
    MARCH 8th / Acceptance announcement
    MAY 17th / Tuition Payment deadline.

*All applicants will automatically be considered for half-tuition scholarships.

Application fee
30,00 € - non-refundable

July 10 - July 17 2022

Sessions scheduling

NUNES/FLOCK Creation Program'22

From July 10 to 17

from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm


dal 07 marzo a maggio

tutto il giorno

Participation Fee

Course name Price

July 10 | 17

all-inclusive (classes, room, full board, and round trip shuttle bus)

1.300,00 €

July 10 | 17
(First Early Bird)

Available until 3/18/22

1.200,00 €

July 10 | 17
(Second Early Bird)

Available until 3/28/22

1.250,00 €


Orsolina28 observes the laws and regulations of Italy and of the Piedmont Region with regards to COVID-19 safety.
Dancers must familiarize themselves with Italy’s regulations regarding travel and testing. The dancers commit, through the application to the course to respect all COVID-19 (with a vaccine approved by Italian authorities and still effective) policies and regulations.
Without prejudice to any stricter requirement by Italian authorities, all dancers must show proof of fully vaccinated certification against COVID-19 prior to arrival at Orsolina28. It is expressly understood that the dancer's failure to complete the vaccination cycle prior to arrival at Orsolina28 will entitle Orsolina28 to withdraw the dancer from registration.
Dancers may receive further updates regarding policies and must adhere fully to these guidelines in order to participate.

Cancellation and refund

In case of cancellation before April 21st / 90% refund
In case of cancellation after April 21st / 50% refund
In case of cancellation after June 16th / no refund 

Course scheduling

07:30 - 08:45


08:45 - 09: 45


10:00 - 11:10


11:25 - 01:30


01:30 - 03:00


03:00 - 06:00


06:30 - 07:30


07:45 - 09:30


The program is intended for students aged 18 and over