Call for Creation 23


As an initiative to support emerging talents, Call for Creation aims to identify a choreographer under 35 with an original idea to develop. The artist(s) will be offered a 22-day choreographic residency for the development of a new work, culminating in a presentation to the public on Orsolina28's Open Air Stage 

Application fee
30,00 € - Non-refundable

May 20 - June 10 2023

Course scheduling

A maximum of 6 participants (1 choreographer + 5 dancers and/or artistic collaborators) are eligible for the choreographic residency.

Artists will work and reside at Orsolina28's facilities and will be able to create in one of the equipped studios.

Choreographic Residency For Emerging Talents Under 35

The Call for Creation choreographic residency project is open to choreographers worldwide under age 35. Artists must not have been born before January 1, 1988.

Each participant may submit only one choreographic project.
It is possible to submit a collaborative project only if choreographers are under 35.
The submitted project proposal must be original. Proposals that have already been performed in public—except in the studio or open residency form—will not be accepted. 

Applications are due by 11:59 a.m. (CET) on February 16, 2023. No applications will be accepted after this deadline.

For any information regarding the application, please contact the following e-mail address:

The selected choreographer will be announced on March 9, 2023 by email and on Orsolina28's social and web channels.
The selection is final.